Expect more out of the American Dental Association and Its State Dental Constituents

Thank you CNN for this opportunity to respond. Yes, things are out of hand with the American Dental Association not just with your freedom of choice for getting your teeth whitened at the mall, home, or dental office but corporate ADA and its state dental constituents, which includes state dental associations and state dental boards are restricting trained and educated denturists from practicing providing denture care directly to the public, with savings of over half of what dentists charge.

ADA has written policy against denturists and they have since the 1970’s. The American Dental Association has spent millions over decades lobbying D.C. and has spent thousands per state keeping denturists from practicing through the court system but many of my associates have been jailed losing their denture equipment, and eventually losing their homes and family due to the cost and trauma of fighting the state dental organizations in court for their right to practice as a denturist.

Some of the same fight happened in Alaska for dental health aide therapist to have the right to practice with the American Dental Association and Alaska Dental Association trying to shut them down. The American Dental Association and its state dental constituents have been brutally keeping competitors such as denturists, dental therapists, and dental health aide therapists from practicing along with dental hygienists in many states from seeking independence from the dental boards for better oral healthcare in the public service sector. We are waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule; hopefully favorably, giving Americans more freedom of choice.

The denturist profession is regulated across Canada and in six U.S. states but the fight goes on for independent denturist boards and independent dental hygienists boards giving our professions the opportunity to better serve the American people with options and service while better meeting the needs of those unable to attain oral healthcare services due to economics or accessibility barriers.

This is just not about the American Dental Association and its state dental constituents closing down the local beauty solon because their service includes teeth whitening; its about a monopoly which corporate ADA continues to put in force by means of the court system both federal and state, the use of paying legislators both federal and state to keep competitors from providing services to Americans who should have the right to go to the dentist for that service or a trained, educated, and qualified alternative oral healthcare provider. Please let us serve.

Gary W. Vollan L.D. State Coordinator, Wyoming State Denturist Association,

Reference to CNN article:


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