Open Letter to the American Dental Association: Giving Americans a “D” in Oral Health

Open Letter to the American Dental Association: Giving Americans a “D” in Oral Health

Regarding the article, American Dental Association Releases Oral Health Survey(1) , William Calnon, ADA’s president stated, “the results of the survey were quite shocking…” Dr. Calnon along with ADA’s past leadership continues to be out of touch with the American people’s oral healthcare needs. ADA’s launch of its new website, is a small tip of the iceberg in meeting the oral health needs of our Nation. The American Dental Association needs to open its communiqué to other oral healthcare professions; to open the flood gates of oral healthcare services for all Americans through more affordable and alternative delivery systems; such as denturists, dental health aide therapists, dental therapists, and independent practices and boards for dental hygienists. Where is ADA’s leadership? Free-up the oral healthcare professions! “Dentists alone can not bring about the needed change to correct the disparities and in access to dental health and oral healthcare”(2) . If the American Dental Association would quit squeezing out competition it would free up more chairtime for children. ADA’s self-serving political agenda is hurting those in need of dental and oral healthcare by suppressing qualified competitors who provide dental and oral health care services to people with disparities.

If ADA and its state constituents are so concerned about public safety; then pitch in some of the millions of dollars used for lobbying against competitors, and use it for education and training. Let educated and trained denturists do the dentures and partials. Help us build schools for allied oral healthcare professions such as denturists, dental health aide therapists, and dental therapists. Free up dental hygienists so they can regulate their own profession on a public health level. Corporate ADA needs to release its monopolistic grip on qualified competitors. Free market dentistry needs to expand so more Americans can have their dental needs met.

As far as the ADA survey and giving Americans a “D” for oral health; this “D” is the result of decades of mismanagement and poor leadership within the American Dental Association; which has scored an “F” for failing to give the American people access to allied dental health care professionals; due to corporate ADA’s greed and quest for control which is failing to meet the dental needs of most Americans. Societies, both nationally and internationally; such as, CDC’s Oral Health(3), IADR-AADR, International Association for Dental Research; American Association for Dental Research(4), WHO Global Oral Health(5), FDI World Dental Federation(6), need to expect more from the American Dental Association’s leadership for global representation. Corporate ADA has the power and money to change the current dental and oral healthcare delivery system for the better if Americans would speak out against the American Dental Associations deceiving and pacifying public relations campaign for a better public image. The American Dental Association works against its own vision and mission statement by suppressing competition that has been trained and educated in providing dental and oral health care services to people with disparities. ADA; LET US SERVE OUR COUNTRY!

Gary W. Vollan L.D.
State Coordinator; Wyoming State Denturist Assn.,
P.O. Box 332, Basin, Wyoming 82410





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