ADA and State Dental Constituents Have Too Much Power

The American Dental Association and its State Constituents has too much federal and state lobbying power over our right to make our own oral healthcare choices.

Freedom of Choice

You know people I’m really tired of the American Dental Association thinking CORP ADA is in control of our dental and oral health choices. We need more choices. We don’t need ADA and dental constituents, both associates and boards limiting our choices. Please consider this open letter to corporate ADA.

Corporate ADA! WE THE PEOPLE can decide for ourselves what is best to meet our oral health and dental needs. WE want the freedom to decide. The American Dental Association and its state constituents need to stick to dental research and policing its own members. Quit taking our freedom of choice away from us Americans. Your greed is hurting too many of us.

Quit persecuting qualified denturists. Denturists need the freedom to serve the people of our Nation in what we’ve been trained and educated in; providing removable oral prostheses (denture) care directly to the public for better access and affordable care.

Denturists are tired of corporate ADA shutting us down, putting us in jail, taking our equipment away because we are your competitor. People in America need choices in providers for oral healthcare and their dental care. We need midlevel providers such as denturists, dental health aide therapists, or dental therapists. We need the freedom to go directly to a dental hygienist for x-rays and cleanings without paying the high cost of dentists overhead.

We need the freedom to have our teeth whitened at the mall, our home, or dental office. Let us decide what is best for ourselves. Let us make our own oral healthcare decisions regarding providers. Deciding to go to the dentist office is one choice. We need more choices.

Gary W. Vollan L.D., 307-568-2047
State Coordinator, Wyoming State Denturist Association


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