American Dental Association’s Mission

The American Dental Association needs to lighten up on competition, such as denturists, dental health aide therapists and independent practices for dental hygienist. It spends more time and money fighting these professions when it could be a positive influence on creating entry level education for these professions in high schools and junior colleges. The American Dental Association specializes in greed and control and is not seeing the big picture of its own vision and mission statements. State dental associations are following ADA’s leadership.

The American Dental Association needs to open schools and dental education for the previous listed dental professions, start more dental programs in community clinics, let dental hygienist have their own boards so they can govern themselves; being more effective in prevention and public health areas. ADA needs to quit prosecuting and shutting down denturists across our nation as they have in my case here in Wyoming. This will help with the bigger mission and vision of better oral healthcare which contributes to better overall health for our children, senior citizens, and others in need of affordable dental care.

It will also create jobs in the public sector, spreading the workforce; alleviating pressure on targeted, geographic dental clinics, giving the public more access to oral healthcare professionals. A bigger dental workforce helps the dental professions ability to meet the lacking dental needs in institutions, such as prisons, convalescent and retirement centers across our nation.

This positive and more productive redirection for the American Dental Association would definitely change ADA’s public image in meeting their dental needs, more so then a mere $75 winnings, ADA’s offer to the public for a website design idea, to better ADA’s image sometime back. Seventy-five dollars won’t even cover an exam and x-rays in most dental clinics. Blessing’s for the New Year.

Gary W. Vollan L.D.
Coordinator for the Wyoming State Denturist Association


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