Denturists and the Wyoming Dental Practice Act

Dear Wyoming Legislators,

Okay, now what? The Wyoming Dental Board took away my impression privileges, I told you about sometime back as rule change forthcoming for the Wyoming Dental Practice Act. We have a shortage of dentists in areas of Wyoming and now it is mandatory that dentists take the master or final impression even though I and qualified dental chairside assistants and dental hygienist have been trained and educated in taking master and final impressions as a part of our daily procedures. My impressions have been next to excellent as the supporting foundation for removable procedures offered in services to our patients at Dr. Nelson’s, Page’s, Gilman’s and Basse’s dental office in Worland, Wyoming for the past four years. Let me guess as to what office they will watch for the new rules in impression taking requirements. My doctors have already received a warning letter from the state dental board. My dentists are the best in the state as far as empathy, quality and affordable prices for needed dental care. Wasn’t it enough in accordance to the Wyoming District and Supreme Court, that I work under the dentist’s umbrella? This is ridiculous.

I just finished the last of my classes to graduate in May of 2012 with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Wyoming. Since we are unable to pass legislation for a denturist program for the Wyoming people; will you consider passing legislation for a Dental Health Aide Therapists program such as approved in Alaska and some other states. These programs will provide better access to oral health care for the Wyoming people and I am willing to get the required education for a Wyoming DHAT program as long as I can provide removable oral prosthesis care. Kansas legislators are at this time considering a program.

The Wyoming people need alternatives to affordable dental care. Many are doing without needed care, especially seniors. The new rules changes for master and final impressions submitted and passed by the Wyoming Dental Board is a good example for the need of the Wyoming State Legislators to act in the best interest of the Wyoming people and their medical and dental needs. Why did the Wyoming Dental Board consider expanding duties for dentists when dental assistants, dental hygienists and denturists in Wyoming were doing a fine job in what they’ve been trained and educated in doing; giving dentists the time most needed in emergency and quality dental care for children and other Wyoming citizens?

Gary W. Vollan L.D.

Wyoming Denturist

Wyoming State Denturist Association


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