Denturist Education Short "youtube" Clip

My appreciation Senators and Representatives.

Please see this short “youtube” clip from one of our Canadian colleges. A denturist program would correspond with Sheridan College’s Dental Hygienist Program as far as instructors, patients and areas taught by both professions. We have one accredited college in the U.S. which has a denturist program and that is Bates Technology College in Tacoma, Washington. At times it has a two year waiting list. Good program; Dr. Kais, retired U.S. Navy dentist runs it. We need more accredited college programs.

I’m working on my bachelors degree at University of Wyoming to teach the denturist profession at one of our colleges here in Wyoming. Please see what denturist education is about with the following short “youtube” clip from NAIT. More information on Bates and denturist education can be found on the Wyoming State Denturist Association web page

Thank you for your consideration.
Gary W. Vollan L.D.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology


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