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Denturist Education Short "youtube" Clip

October 6, 2010

My appreciation Senators and Representatives.

Please see this short “youtube” clip from one of our Canadian colleges. A denturist program would correspond with Sheridan College’s Dental Hygienist Program as far as instructors, patients and areas taught by both professions. We have one accredited college in the U.S. which has a denturist program and that is Bates Technology College in Tacoma, Washington. At times it has a two year waiting list. Good program; Dr. Kais, retired U.S. Navy dentist runs it. We need more accredited college programs.

I’m working on my bachelors degree at University of Wyoming to teach the denturist profession at one of our colleges here in Wyoming. Please see what denturist education is about with the following short “youtube” clip from NAIT. More information on Bates and denturist education can be found on the Wyoming State Denturist Association web page

Thank you for your consideration.
Gary W. Vollan L.D.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology


Injustice by the American Dental Association Against Denturists

October 1, 2010

To Federal Trade Commission’s Gus Cherello,

Please see the following links. The first link has to do with the Wyoming Dental Board’s proposed rules changes with the Wyoming Dental Practice Act. I was hired almost three years ago with a fine group of dentist who provided me with two operatories in their office to do the necessary procedures to fit dentures. It was made clear to me that my titles would be an assistant and laboratory technician. This has been working out fine for those that can afford the high prices of dentures through a dental office. I’m using my skills as a denturist to evaluate, take impressions, bite registrations and other procedures necessary to provide denture care.

Now six years later, after my private denturist practice was closed down by the Wyoming Dental Board for no reason other than the fact that I was expanding to another small town; the Wyoming Dental Board wants to make changes in the rules so that I can no longer take master impressions. The changes will definitely make enough difference in dental office procedures that it may cost me my position. I feel the changes in the rules are directed at me and the dental office I’m working with and to discourage other dental offices from hiring denturist. In a state such as Wyoming that does not regulate the denturist profession; the American Dental Association encourages the state dental boards to make changes in state laws that include making it a felony to provide denturist services to the public.

The American Dental Association has targeted the denturist profession which are clearly spelled out in ADA’s Policies. As you know I’m a licensed Oregon denturist who felt after reading Wyoming’s Dental Practice Act that I did not fall under their jurisdiction. I fought it in district court and the Wyoming State Supreme Court with the court ruling in the Wyoming State Dental Board’s favor.

The second link is related to one of my peers. Bob is a good man. He is respected by fellow denturists throughout our profession. His story is just one more of the many across our nation regarding denturists and the injustice that the American Dental Association and it’s affiliated state dental boards continue to impose on us as individuals; keeping us from working and providing the services we’ve been trained and educated to provide. This is an injustice to those people in need of our services that can not afford the high prices charged by dentist due to their overhead. Thank you for your consideration.

Gary W. Vollan L.D.

2010 Wyoming Silver Haired Legislature Passes Denturist Bill

October 1, 2010

SHL Director Marge Myers,

I understand the denturist bill passed on the floor. It was an honor to be part of the Silver Haired Legislature Health Committee process. The Committee was articulate in discussion of the denturist bill and the issues surrounding the needs of the Wyoming people. This pushes the issue of affordable dental care for those Wyoming people doing without denture care closer to a mandated state legislative solution. The solution will give the Wyoming people the service and choice that our neighboring states of Montana and Idaho are privileged with by regulating the denturist profession. As you know, a good number of Wyoming’s aged population living on a fixed income, do not qualify for Medicaid or Wyoming’s Public Health’s dental program. In most cases it’s due to their resources that are not even adequate to meet daily maintenance needs.

Do you have any general information regarding the history and makeup of the SHL so I can learn more about the organization? I have gone to the Casper Senior Center website that includes some brief information about the SHL. I’m puzzled by the fact that many Wyoming people not associated with senior centers are not aware of the SHL services. Many of the issues that the Silver Haired Legislators cover are issues that affect not just Wyoming’s aged citizens but most of the Wyoming people. I know funding for the Silver Haired Legislature is limited but it would be nice if SHL had its own website representing the leadership dimensions associated with the SHL volunteers and the services provided by their legislative body.

Silver Haired Legislators give the Wyoming people “one more voice” of representation through out the 23 counties of Wyoming and as you know in this day and age we need their services more than ever. I’m thankful to the Wyoming State Legislators for allocating funding for the Wyoming Silver Haired Legislature; giving the Wyoming people a voice in expressing and prioritizing issues to be presented to the general session of the Wyoming State Legislature.

My list of SHL Representatives is from the 2008 SHL Session. As an advocate for affordable dental care and the denturist profession, I have a need to send thank you cards to the SHL Representatives for their services. Please send me an updated list of SHL Representatives. Thank you.

Gary W. Vollan L.D.
P.O. Box 332
Basin, Wyoming 82410