Wyoming SF0038 Dies; Regulating Denturists for Wyoming People: What will be wrong?

More adherences to the Surgeon General’s Oral Health Care Plan

More oral health checks

More abnormalities referred out to specialists

More denture care will take place due to accessibility and affordability

More will eat and live healthier due to having dentures that are functional

More job readiness for those in recovery programs due to dentures and esthetic reasons

More job creations due to hiring denturists and denturist’s offices hiring

More state revenue due to denturists licensing

More dentist chairtime being freed for children, restorative, cosmetic and emergency procedures

More denture care providers to service those at nursing homes and other institutions

More denturists trained and educated at one of Wyoming’s junior colleges

What will be wrong? Nothing more than a little turf issue with the American Dental Association and a few dentists.



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