Oh, The American Dental Association Is Getting Its Behind Chewed?

(*Please see associated story link below)

It sounds like things are catching up with ADA’s bad business policies. It’s nice to see others coming out against the American Dental Association’s unethical business tactics. Accountability is long overdue.

The ADA has put in place a PR campaign to boost it public image while at the same time the ADA’s leadership continues to express liberal waste and corporate greed over provisions of affordable dental services to those people most in need. ADA’s policies discriminate against the economically disadvantaged Americans by their corporate power of stopping and discouraging competition.

What right does the ADA have to muscle out competition? Does the American Dental Association get Federal money and grants? Is the American Dental Association really concerned about the American people’s dental needs? Why does the ADA waste so much time and money persecuting denturist to keep them from providing affordable denture care services to people in need? What about the money ADA wasted fighting dental health aide therapist in Alaska? What about the money the American Dental Association wastes each year fighting independent practices keeping dental hygienists from better serving the children and adults with preventive dentistry being more accessible and affordable?

Denturists, across America are trying to provide affordable denture care service to the people that are economically disadvantaged but instead we are forced to use our resources to defend our education and our right to serve. Here in the U.S., the American Dental Association does everything it can to suppress the denturist profession across the nation, with ADA’s monopolistic grip on dentures and their inflated pricing, leaving the edentulous, denture-less.

Denturists, dental health aide therapists and independent practices of dental hygienists are harassed and discriminated against by the American Dental Association. The answer to healthcare economics, shortages, and quality care is MORE COMPETITION. We need independent practices and more college programs for dental hygienists, denturists and dental health aide therapists. The American Dental Association could better spend its money on establishing accredited colleges and programs for the above listed professions so more segments of our society can receive affordable needed dental services.

Gary W. Vollan, L.D., Coordinator for the Wyoming State Denturist Association http://www.wysda.org

* http://healthcarefinancials.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/journal-of-the-american-dental-association-letter-to-the-editor/



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