Across My Nation The Need for Affordable Dental-care-for Americans

Affordable dental care is becoming further from reality for those that are on a moderate, limited, or low income. The denturist profession offers an alternative and affordable denture care service that is offered in six states and across Canada as a safe, alternative denture care delivery system that is constantly being attacked and discredited by the ADA, the American Dental Association.

After graduating from an accredited denturist college and taking the Oregon state denturist board and licensed as a denturist; I come to Wyoming in 1992 and practiced as a denturist until I was shut down by the Wyoming Dental Board in 2006 because I was opening a satellite office in the next town of Worland, Wyoming, 30 miles away.

This put a tremendous hardship on me as a single parent of eight children and remains as an unjustified and discrediting ruling by the Wyoming courts (due to the good ole boy mentality and not the language that clearly describes the definition of a dentist in the Wyoming Dental Practice Act). It has failed as a legislative issue in Wyoming and in a number of other states across the nation due to special interest lobbing by the ADA and state dental boards.

This continues to happen across the US due to the ADA’s monopolistic grip on denture care keeping dentures and denture care service away from segments of society that are most in need due to economic reasons and poor accessibility. This includes the elderly, military veterans, the disabled and those living in rural areas.

Having access to affordable and available denture care is a necessary need for the wellness of ones health. Ill-fitting dentures and dentures in need of repair due to breakage and missing denture teeth are all too common place for denture wearers.

Gary W.Vollan L.D. Basin, Wyoming,


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