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Denturist Can Help Save Meth Mouth Tax Dollars

September 17, 2007

The Denturist Profession Can Help Save Meth Mouth Tax Dollars
September 13, 2007 Gary W. Vollan, L.D.

Is it going to take the meth epidemic for our country to recognize the need for the denturist profession as a viable health care profession and it’s ability to provide affordable denture care to recovering meth addicts and other segments of our society.

The denturist profession as a rule is a compassionate group of professionals that provide affordable denture care.

How much more difficult is an addicts recovery (self-esteem), without an oral prosthesis (denture) for replacement of extracted natural teeth due to meth chemicals and disease?

The American Dental Association and state dental associations continue to suppress the denturist profession across the nation, with the dentists monopolistic grip on dentures and their inflated pricing, leaving the edentulous, dentureless, and paying the denture lab technicians pennies, for a oral prosthesis (denture) that’s worthy of artistic recognition.

Most denturist were denture lab technicians tired of not being paid by the dentist and having to do remakes at the denture technicians expense, due to error in impressions and the bite by the dentist or their assistant.

Denturist are educated, tested, qualified and licensed professionals; providing denture care directly to the public at affordable prices; usually averaging half of what dentists charge.

Denturist are regulated and licensed in seven states and across Canada. The states are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Arizona and Maine.

Please talk to your legislator and let them know you need access to affordable denture care through the denturist profession.
Having affordable and functional dentures affects a persons physical and psychological well-being.
It could be the determining factor in a persons productivity, especially those recovering from an addiction.

Thank you for being here—gary

Wyoming Denturist Unable to Serve Those In Need Of Affordable Denture Care

September 5, 2007

It was a great disappointment for me that the Wyoming State Supreme Court Justices ruled to uphold the dental board’s injunction. With all due respect to the Justices, I really thought they would see the denturist profession independent of Wyoming dental board’s jurisdiction. I truly was counting on being able to provide affordable denture care in my community and surrounding area as I have since 1992.

I had a two page list of people in Basin and Worland waiting for a favorable decision so I could do their dentures that included repairs, relines and new dentures. I recommended that they go to a dentist for their work but most said that they would wait. With this behind us, the focus is on the circulators for the “Wyoming Denturism Act” initiative.

The circulators and voter signatures will put the statewide affordable denture care initiative on the November 2008 general election ballot for the Wyoming voters to decide its fate as part of the many health care issues the Wyoming people are faced with.

We have circulators in all 23 counties of Wyoming. Bighorn County is the only county at this time that we have the required 15% of the registered Wyoming voter signatures that have signed petitions for the initiative. This was due to the large turnout of circulators supporting the initiative and the need for qualified, educated denturist in Wyoming.

Signatures over Bighorn County’s 15%, goes toward the overall state’s required 15% of the registered Wyoming voters in the last general election. That number is 30,000 and our goal is 35,000 due to any discrepancies in voter signatures. We also have to carry 15% of 16 counties. The initiative requirements is a challenge Wyoming circulators and voters will meet to license and regulate the denturist profession just as they did in Montana, Idaho and five other states in order to have access to affordable and quality denture care.

I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and support. This extends to my children for their help and support. Basin is a good community and Wyoming is a good place to live and raise a family. After the State Supreme Courts decision, people have suggested that I go to a state that regulates the denturist profession but my future as a denturist and caregiver is here in Wyoming. I will find temporary work here in Wyoming until I’m able to work as a licensed Wyoming denturist.

As a circulator for the “Wyoming Denturism Act” initiative, I will continue to work toward that goal along side the Wyoming people.

In your service,

Gary W. Vollan
P.O.Box 332, Basin, Wyoming 82410