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Denturist; Serving Those In Need

April 14, 2007

Denturist; Serving Those In Need, is a response to Dr. Hill’s editorial in Wyoming’s, Casper Star Tribune newspaper. Dr Hill is the president of the Wyoming Dental Association. With all due respect to Dr. Hill, his education, and profession.

With exception to few in any profession, most of us lose site of our promises, good intentions, and purpose to serve those that we were gifted to serve.

As we embark on this endeaver of circulating the “Wyoming Denturism Act” initiative for Wyoming’s qualified voter signatures to place it on the November 2008 general election ballot, I pray that the denturist profession will always serve Wyoming’s people with that gift.

In response to Dr. Hill’s April 8th letter to the editor, “Oral health helps doctors diagnose”. Dr. Hill, in his attempt to discredit the denturist profession, on the basis that denturist don’t have the extensive education that dentist have to properly diagnose, and treat underlying pathology that exists in the oral cavity is misleading and he knows that.
Licensed denturists don’t diagnose or treat abnormalities of the tissue or dentition. Denturist are educated in recognizing healthy tissue, making referrals, taking impressions, fabricating an oral prosthesis, and making adjustments on that prosthesis.
When the people of other states, for example, Montana and Idaho were trying to regulate the denturist profession, for Freedom of Choice in Denture Care service through legislation and/or the initiative process, it was common for the national and state dental associations to use scare tactics regarding oral health, education and employment issues, to mislead voters into thinking the service wasn’t a good thing. It continues to be good.
Denturists provide affordable denture care. More people in Wyoming will take advantage of the lower costs of denture service to seek more care. More mouths will be examined with that care and if there are signs of pathology then the more opportunities for the denture (edentulous) patient to be referred to their dentist, oral surgeon or medical doctor for detection and treatment of that abnormality. What good is your knowledge and education Dr. Hill if you’re unable to serve those in need of it?
Denturist referral services are outlined in the “Wyoming Denturism Act” initiative being circulated state wide for the necessary 35,000 Wyoming voter signatures needed to place it on the November 2008, general election ballot for Wyoming voters to decide.
The required denturist education is outlined in the “Wyoming Denturism Act” initiative. Bates Technical College is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This accrediting agency is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, (CHEA) and CHEA is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). Dr. Ken Kais, DDS, is dedicated to his profession of teaching and the educational uplift of the denturist profession.
Your closing statement Dr. Hill, regarding money donated for dental services in Wyoming; was unclear to me. You mentioned $138,000 and then something about the Senior Dental Program. It was my understanding that the money for the Public Health’s Senior Dental Program comes out of the Wyoming general fund, so please educate me Dr. Hill regarding the funding. Maybe, there are other programs available to those on fixed and limited incomes that are unable to afford the high cost of dental services here in Wyoming that I’m not aware of. What good are programs Dr. Hill with little or no funding?
Dr. Hill, due to the high cost of dental care, a good number of people are doing without needed dental services that could benefit from a program that has available resources. I have a friend who I’ll call Richard. He has a number of abscesses and is not eligible for any program because he makes money and has a family and can’t afford the cost of endo and a crown for one tooth, approximately $1200, let alone three other teeth needing endo and crowns that he’d like to save. Is there a program for him Dr. Hill?
My friend Kathy, who has two sets of dentures from a dentist that she can’t wear and she won’t go back to the dentist, because the dentist continued to charge her for visits for adjustments, for dentures that never fit. She’s on a fixed income. Is there a program for her Dr. Hill? What good are your services Dr. if a person can’t afford them?
Last October, the Wyoming Dental Board shut me down with an injunction. I’m not able to serve her. As a Wyoming denturist since 1992, the services I provide are needed.
In His service,
Gary W. Vollan
P.O.Box 332, Basin, Wyoming 82410 or