Denturist Wanted

WANTED: qualified, educated, denturist, for advocacy positions across the United States. Please contact Gary W. Vollan-licensed denturist at or in Wyoming at 307.568.2047 or contact one of the colleges or denturist organizations listed below.

Denturist make, place, construct, alter, reproduce, and/or repair dentures directly to the public. This includes; an oral exam recognizing healthy tissue, referral services, impressions, and adjustments.

Becoming a licensed denturist is not an easy task. Before obtaining a license, a candidate must pass comprehensive practical and written examinations. The written examination challenges candidates to show their clinical knowledge of oral health issues, including microbiology, physiology, oral pathology, head and neck anatomy and more. The practical examination requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to take oral impressions, design a denture from the impression, create a denture from the design, and fit the denture in the patient’s mouth so that it works well and is comfortable to wear.


Bates Technical College

George Brown College of Denturism

Denturist Advocacy Organizations

International Federation of Denturists

National Denturist Association

Oregon State Denturist Association

Washington Denturist Association

Wyoming State Denturist Association


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