Denturist HB163 Posted Today

I would like to commend Representative Lorraine Quarberg, for her grit in sponsoring HB163, along with Senators Charles Scott and Ray Peterson. This is the same denturist legislation sponsored by Representative Quarberg last session. The same legislation was endorsed by the Silver Haired Legislators, in September 2006.
The Denturist HB163, unlike the “Wyoming Denturism Act”, initiative, puts denturist on the dental board without a denturist vote, but at least it’s a foot in the door. I feel health care professions should have their own boards. If the Dental Hygienist profession had their own board and wasn’t in the white knuckled grasp of the dental board, preventive dentistry would take on a whole different meaning.
The Dental Hygienist profession would see a growth in their profession with two or more hygienist in each office. They would service far more people as far as cleanings, at a much younger age and for less money. Referrals to the dentist would be as needed. It would eliminate a number of unnecessary dental procedures and save health care dollars.
*please see Denturist HB163 at
Gary W. Vollan, of Basin, Wyoming, I’m a dad of ten children. As an advocate for the denturist profession, I have been in the dental profession since 1972.


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