Shall a law be enacted…….

“Wyoming Denturism Act” The Wyoming Coalition for Freedom of Choice in denture care
Shall a law be enacted… Which would allow denturists to make, place, and sell dentures directly to the public? The denturist would be regulated by a new state board of denturists. A denturist would be required to refer patients to a dentist or physician before making or fitting a denture if the denturist believes that there is any abnormality or disease in the mouth.

Fiscal Note: The fiscal impact cannot be determined, but it is expected that the proposed board would be funded by a series of license fees on denturists.

Statement For: This denturism initiative closely resembles measures that have been passed in Wyoming’s surrounding states. Since 1982 in Idaho, 1984 in Montana, and 1979 in Oregon, denturism has been proven to be an effective, safe, and affordable option for denture patients. Canada has recognized the profession of denturism for over 30 years. These states and countries have proven that a denturist is a competent and reliable alternative to a dentist for the provision of dentures. The Washington State Health Coordinating Council under the department of Social and Health Services in 1987 found that denturists posed no threat to the public’s health and that legislation on denturism should be enacted. Denturists are different than denture laboratory technicians. The denturism initiative does not include a “grandfather clause” and it calls for individuals who wish to become licensed Wyoming denturists to pass a written and practical board certified exam. This exam covers college level course topics such as: microbiology, oral pathology, gerontology, and partial denture construction and design. Licensed denturists will be highly qualified denture health care providers. Finally, the profession of denturism has proven to lower the costs of dentures due to increased competition in the provision of dentures to the general public. The denturist initiative simply provides the citizens of Wyoming with the FREEDOM OF CHOICE for their denture care. Upon passage of the denturism initiative, Wyoming’s people will finally receive the same options that their neighbors have received for decades.


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