Affordable Denture-ist, or Denture Care

December 28th, 2006

May your New Year be filled with prosperity in every form. Affordable housing, affordable living, affordable insurance, affordable down payment, affordable health care, and how about affordable denture-ist or denture care. Affordable is by Webster’s definition: to be able to bear the cost of. Like everything else denture care expense is on the rise. The, “over the counter” denture adhesives, reline and repair kits keep going up.
Okay, okay what are we after here? You know I’m just not sure. At some point I need you all to raise some plain old fashion heck. Affordable and quality denture care is possible through the denturist profession. Wyoming is next and then your state. You don’t wear dentures? Who does? Someone you know does. You remember the old trickle down theory. It all has to do with our neighbor and what we all do for our neighbor. We can work together and push for passage of a denturist bill or initiative, Wyoming Denturism Act , for affordable denture care in our states. This is the right thing to do. It gives people freedom of choice in denture care.
Most denturist don’t charge for consultations, most denturist don’t charge for adjustments, most denturist take the time to talk about your denture care needs. Most denturist go through extra procedures for additional care. It’s part of the denturist profession. Denturist as a rule, value good work ethics.
If your interested in starting a coalition for affordable denture care in your state, contact the NDA, National Denturist Association and they will be able to give you, contact information for organizations or denturist to contact. You can also contact your state senators and representatives. If your in Wyoming call me and we’ll work together to help our neighbor. Thank you for your consideration. Gary W. Vollan, state coordinator for the Wyoming State Denturist Association, .


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