Just a reminder,I’m a denturist

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello everyone, Christmas is here once again. Yes, I made it again. Getting through the stores, and seeing the grief and stress on others was a reminder of those that struggle to make ends meet financially. It was tough this year. As a licensed denturist, practicing since 1992, here in beautiful Basin, Wyoming, I was closed down by an injunction filed by the Wyoming dental board. Two months before Christmas and a house full of kids it was a miracle to watch things come together and know the Lord was instrumental in making it work. It was all a reminder of why I love the denturist profession providing affordable denture care. When the Lord sends me His special people I just know I give from my heart. I give the best service I can and the rest falls into place. Just a reminder that I need to do what I’ve been educated to do because that too was a miracle to complete school. It’s all a reminder of how everything works together to the good if we look to Him. This is just a break in my denturist career, a small struggle, and just a reminder of where I come from and why the Lord blessed me with this profession, that I need to serve to the best of my ability, providing affordable denture care to those in need. May the Lord bless and keep you all through the holidays. I look forward to serving you again—gary


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